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Plain and Simple | Weaving Textures for Furniture Companies

by anderson gibbons June 06, 2018

Plain and Simple

We weave a lot of plains and textures... I’m not sure how simple it is. It can be more difficult at times to come up with an awesome basecloth.

Revolution fabric and upholstery yarn

First, it starts with the yarn. There are multiple yarn options:

- straight yarns... fine and coarse. The smaller yarns require more picks per inch.

- boucle yarns, fancy yarns... again be small or larger.

- chenille yarns... cut pile yarns in different sizes

You can use these yarns solid, pick and pick or mixed.

Second, you have to decide what warp you’re going to make it on. Like most mills we have certain set ups to choose from:

- number of ends

- dobby or jacquard loom

- size and color of yarn

Third, you have to design the weave. For the dobby loom, we have 12 harnesses so the weave in the horizontal direction repeats in twelve ends or less. There are no limitations with a jacquard since you control each end.

Lastly, you put it all together into a ticket that has all the specifications on how to weave it.

- which warp

- which weave or pattern

- which filling yarns

- which colors for all

- how many picks

- what finish

I haven’t even talked about price point, testing, width, drape ability, hand look... it goes on.

And, with all this I’m still over simplifying... so, as I said in the beginning not so plain and simple!

stack of colorful fabrics

anderson gibbons
anderson gibbons


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